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Rainbow Spectrum HTV


Rainbow Spectrum HTV

Perfect for texts, numbers and logos with a unique metallic colour effect. Rainbow

Spectrum is a moving, reflective iridescent flex that changes colour in the light.

Available in 6 colour options.
Roll widths 500mm & 250mm, sold by the metre

Rainbow Spectrum HTV, or Heat Transfer Vinyl, is a great choice for any custom garment project.

It’s a flexible, vibrant vinyl material with a glossy, eye-catching finish that’s perfect for stand-out designs.

It’s also durable, making it perfect for designs that will endure through the wear and tear of regular use.

It comes in a choice of 6 colours, and is compatible with many types of fabric, including cotton, polyester,

a mix of both, acrylic and similar. Whether you’re a professional or hobbyist, Rainbow Spectrum HTV is an

excellent choice for your next custom project.