HTV Heat Transfer Clothing Vinyl NEON Orange Sheets 250x200mm


Unique PU Flex HTV with the advantage of no pre-press required, warm or cold peel.The lower tack adhesive backing makes weeding of large graphics and text quick and simple. Choose from 2 application methods (high or low temperature). 123Flex can be applied at high temperature for optimal speed, or low temperature to minimise scorching and marking of performance fabrics and textiles - making it incredibly versatile.

RANGE: 32 standard colours and 5 neon colours

APPLICATION: 3 seconds at 160ºC or20 secs at 120ºCWASHABILITY:Up to 60ºC, sUITABLE FOR:Cotton, polyester, mixed fabrics and performance. 

wearNOTES: Use low temperature application to reduce marking

ld peel, combined with the reduced application time of 3 seconds for production environments.

Washable up to 60 degrees

Self adhesive backing for easy weeding and application. 

Suitable for cotton, polyester and mixed blends.